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About Presence

Anaiah Presence is an imprint of Anaiah Press, a Christian publisher dedicated to presenting quality faith-based fiction to the public.

Anaiah Presence publishes Christian speculative fiction, including (but not limited to) thriller, suspense, sci-fi, dystopian, and fantasy.

Statement of Faith: At Anaiah Press, we believe in the one living and true God. We believe in God in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, equal in power and glory; that God created all, upholds all and governs all. He hears and answers prayer; and all who come to Him through Jesus Christ are saved from sin and death. Our Christian beliefs are reflected in the way we conduct business and in our relationships with our employees and authors. All books published by Anaiah Press are faith-based. We strive to publish books that convey a Christian message, explicit or implied, through our various genres.

The Presence Team

Noreen Walker
Executive Manager

An avid reader from a young age, Noreen has a particular fondness for contemporary Christian fiction. She is excited to be able to bring more than 40 years of experience in business and administrative management to Anaiah Press.

Eden Plantz
Executive Editor

Eden found her love for Christian fiction as a child by raiding her family's well-stocked bookshelves. She has devoted her education and career to learning the ins and outs of writing, publishing, and marketing. She has approximately a decade of marketing management and consulting experience, combined with almost a decade of experience as a fiction editor -- including publishing management experience. She's thrilled to use her knowledge and abilities to the greater success of Anaiah Press authors.

Eden would love to see gripping psychological thrillers, stories that keep her on the edge of her seat.

Kara Leigh Miller
Editorial Director

Kara combines her knowledge and prior editing experience with a passion for the written word and a love of YA. She is a multi-genre published author, and an avid reader with eclectic tastes. She loves to help her fellow authors recognize their dreams of publication and is very excited about working toward that goal with Anaiah Press.

Sean Connell
Acquiring Editor

Sean is an editor, writer, and teacher. He grew up on the classics -- by which he means authors like Herbert and Asimov as well as Verne and Wells, and is now imparting a love of all things speculative to his daughter.

Speculative fiction is first and foremost, about the story. The speculative elements are there to serve the story, they have a purpose, and they have to be more than just window dressing. Don't reinvent the wheel (or the robot), just tell a good story.

Abraham Kane
Acquiring Editor | Publicist

Abraham is looking for all types of science fiction, fantasy, thriller/ suspense, supernatural or dystopian, but it is not enough to just put a robot or a unicorn in a story. He wants strong, believable characters and real, believable worlds. If he can't imagine himself there, he'll never accept it.

Carol Pettis
Editor | Account Manager

Carol is a mother of three and grandmother of two. She has a background in English and Literature, and is an avid reader of Christian fiction & mysteries, biographies, devotionals and science fiction. She enjoys novels based on Biblical history. She is an active member of her church as the Food Pantry Data Coordinator, Accounting Clerk, Deaconess, and Sound Board Technician.

*Please note: Carol does not accept direct submissions

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