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Submission Guidelines

Our goal is to provide our authors with the close-knit, hands-on experience of working with a small press, while making sure they don't have to sacrifice quality editing, cover art, and marketing. Authors who sign with Presence can expect:

  • Release in digital and print/POD formats (full-length works only)
  • An editor assigned to provide quality editing and to guide you every step of the way throughout the publication process
  • A marketing/publicity specialist who will create a marketing/publicity plan specific to your book, inclusive of advertising
  • High-quality covers expertly designed specifically for your book
  • Royalties in the amount of 40% on net for digital format and 9-12% net on all other formats
*Currently, we do not accept proposals for works yet to be written. Please, only query us if your manuscript is complete.

As a Christian press, we publish books with a strong inspirational theme and/ or a message of faith. We do not accept manuscripts with the following:
  • Anti-Christian propaganda/ themes
  • Gratuitous sex
  • Messages of religious or social intolerance
  • Angel/human or demon/human romantic relationships
  • Werewolf, vampire, demon, etc. protagonists
To submit a manuscript for consideration, send a query letter and the first ten pages in the body of an email to Presence[at]anaiahpress[dot]com.

View our staff bios to query a specific editor. Include the word "Query" and the title of your work in the subject line. We do respond personally to every query received. Please allow 8-12 weeks for a response. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but we do ask that out of professional courtesy, you let us know if you receive an offer from another publisher or agent. Word count requirements are as follows:
  • Full-length novels: 60,000 - 110,000
  • Novellas and Anthology submissions: 15,000 - 40,000

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